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We are specialized in highly secured Cloud Services for providing Business Deals, M&A Due Diligence, Secure File Sharing and Board Communication. Our experts help customers to choose the right VDR software according to their needs and capabilities; and help to avoid the inherent risks of buying business technology.

Our team

Founder – Ronald Hernandez

Data room selection & optimization expert with 10+ years of helping companies collaborate more securely on sensitive documents. I’m working with clients to implement the best practices for their business and handle all the technical aspects of implementation.

Business Analyst – Herbert Young

Data-driven problem solver, leveraging strategic analysis to identify opportunities for growth and success. Helping stakeholders reach their potential through thoughtful collaboration and creative solutions.

Marketing Specialist – Carmen Kelley

Experienced in developing creative marketing strategies to help brands stand out and reach their goals. Passionate about brand identity, digital marketing, and creating great customer experiences. Making marketing magic happen for startups and established products alike.

We collect, analyze and provide:

  • Virtual Data Room Providers list

    Global Software User Review Rating by:

    • capterra.com
    • g2.com
    • softwareadvice.com
    • getapp.com
  • Software scores based on:

    • Industry Rating
    • Usage Rating
    • Media Rating
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Software scores based on:
– Industry Rating
– Usage Rating
– Media Rating
– Media Rating

Provider Profile Review
– Product Information
– Pricing
– Features
– Product Screenshots

Virtual Data Room Market Matrix

Striving to provide users with the most accurate and relevant reviews of data room providers and their services, we have specified the most significant factors that contribute to the overall advantage of the VDR use:

Security Standards

A dependable virtual data room is equipped with the revolutionary software that protects your documents from downloading, changing and unauthorized viewing. There are presented lists of basic Certificates that Guarantees high standards of software. Besides, 2-factor authentication, encryption, and related functions are essential features for VDR users.


It is necessary to ensure the simplicity of uploads. Platforms with drag and drop function,  accessible invitation process, ability to synchronize folders, run on other devices and upload the files of different formats take higher positions in the ranking.


Additionally, aimed at your convenience and success of your business, we also pay due attention to VDR experience, flexibility, support team, reporting, and accessibility.

Pricing Policy

Competitive cost (and its correspondence to the provided features) is important when choosing a reliable data room. We provide tariff plans and pricing policy of top VDR providers.

How virtual data room rating is formed?

To tackle this behavioral pattern on this particular site, we have collected all available information from open sources to create the basis for the current electronic data room rating. In order to provide consistent evaluation, we implement a five-star scale rating based on the average score for each of the indicators:

Dataroom Provider’s Rating = Industrial Review*0,8+Usage Rating*0,1+Media Rating*0,1

The rating below shows the final result of this assessment. It is updated monthly. VDR Rating includes the following components:

This site presents an independent online rating of virtual data rooms. Here, we have gathered all the online data room providers who work with top companies around the world. The methodology behind the rating is an aggregate average rating. We created this rating because reviews posted on just one website can be biased as companies often reward their customers for leaving positive virtual data room reviews.

Introduction to the virtual data rooms

Virtual deal rooms are now widely spread in many industries due to the solutions they bring to the business. Enhanced security, reliable and helpful support, enough space for storing large amounts of data, and more.

But though all virtual data room service providers are quite similar in their area of expertise, they all differ in the set of features they provide and some other aspects. 

And that’s exactly why the Dataroom-providers website was created — to help you choose the best data room software for your needs and better understand the whole VDR concept.

The range of data we provide includes (but is not limited to):

  • Detailed guide to choosing the secure virtual data room for your business
  • Exhaustive data room reviews of the features and prices of about 35 vendors
  • Ranking of the top 10 industry leaders
  • Due diligence guide
  • Professional blog where experts share their thoughts
  • Comprehensive FAQ section with all the popular questions answered

All in all, Dataroom-providers.org will perfectly assist you in your first acquaintance with online data room services.

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