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iDeals Virtual Data Room

Our Rating: 4.9
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g2 crowd logo 4.7

This VDR has been successfully operating since 2008 and gained the undeniable reputation of a secure and helpful platform. iDeals VDR is preferred by the exponents of various industries, especially when it comes to time-consuming and extensional projects. Moreover, iDeals VDR offers mobile apps that allow working with files on the go.

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Intralinks Virtual Data Room

Our Rating: 4.5
captera logo 4.5
g2 crowd logo 3.6

Intralinks is trusted by many big-scale companies and well-known brands. It is a true giant in the virtual data room industry. Intralinks offers three different packages to suit the needs of both smaller and larger businesses. Although the solution might feel not flexible enough, especially for younger entrepreneurs that prefer agile software

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Ansarada Virtual Data Room

Our Rating: 4.4
captera logo 4.5
g2 crowd logo 4.4

Ansarada offers a convenient AI-powered virtual data room dedicated to due diligence and Mergers and Acquisitions. Here you will have all the tools you need to go through these processes successfully. And Artificial Intelligence will fetch you the required information to help you make data-driven decisions. Thus, you can focus on the process completely.

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Box Virtual Data Room

Our Rating: 3.9
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g2 crowd logo 4.2

Box virtual data room is packed with features, yet it is simple enough for any user to work with it having no issues. Businesses can customize almost every detail in the data room to make it look more trustworthy and create a seamless experience for partners and customers. You can also integrate Box with other instruments your company is using.

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Merrill Datasite Virtual Data Room

Our Rating: 3.7
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Merrill datasite serves an excellent solution for extensional and complex deals. Quality extra services provided by Merrill also help in consulting, content administration and other processes required for profitable cooperation.

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Firmex Virtual Data Room

Our Rating: 3.4
captera logo 4.5
g2 crowd logo 3.8

Firmex offers a flexible and modern virtual data room that can satisfy the needs of most businesses. Here you will have all the features you need and even more. It is one of few data rooms that allows the business owners to set up the software the way they want it to be. So if you’re looking for an agile yet simple solution, Firmex is a good option.

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Virtual Data Room Solutions

A real revolution in the transaction process has gained immediate popularity. People from around the world gained an exclusive opportunity to securely and safely share the necessary information through the quality data room. Just get the Internet connection and obtain guaranteed and secure data storing and administration, solid money and time saving, simultaneously dealing with important business issues. Nowadays, a data room is a 100% secure place you can use for meeting with your business partners involved in a deal. Access your room from any device or location, save your time and money with the most appreciated and up-do-date virtual data rooms.

A secure file storage and sharing solution is an inevitable part of any up-to-date business. However, the modern market offers way too many providers with different options and features. Choosing the exact platform you need may take some time, but the primary thing you should pay attention to is its purpose.

Document Security

Definitely, the key attention of any VDR provider is focused on the security of information uploaded to the platform. Up-to-date encryption, multiple-level authentication, discreet data room access and revocation procedure are the ticket to guaranteed document security.

Data Room Due Diligence

It is an inevitable procedure that presupposes a range of important transactions and operations. Data room due diligence is an excellent environment for risk-free storage of important files.

Data Room M&A

VDR M&A is a completely new but inevitable option, which simplifies the process of merging and acquisition. The average data room M&A has Q&A module, FAQ section and other options that help you be sure of the dependability of cooperation.

Why Choose A Virtual Data Room

organize information in workspaces

control what invited users can see

customize your data room

make collaboration easier and faster

Virtual Data Room Rating Approach

This site presents an independent online rating of virtual data rooms. Here, we have gathered all the reliable providers who work with top companies around the world. The methodology behind the rating is an aggregate average rating. We created this rating because reviews posted on just one website can be biased as companies often reward their customers for leaving positive reviews. To tackle this behavioral pattern on this particular website, we have collected all available information from open sources to create the basis for the current virtual deal room rating. In order to provide consistent evaluation, we implement a five-star scale rating based on the average score for each of the indicators:

Provider’s Rating = Industrial Review*0,8+Usage Rating*0,1+Media Rating*0,1

Difference between Virtual Data Room Providers

When choosing a provider, it’s essential to consider the properties listed below that might be important for your business during daily usage in addition to the rating of a VDR data room provider. The best VDR providers match no less than 90% of the list.

Set of features and services

The combination of properties should be sufficient to make a dataroom suitable for your business. It could be user management, the ability to add watermarks to all documents or control the activity within the team regarding progress with individual documents, or even all of these features combined.

Level of protection

VDR providers must meet basic security requirements: ensure operation in accordance with the GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC2 protocols, as well as two-factor authentication, and other data security standards.

Accessibility and ease of use interface

All data room providers have different settings and options. However, there is a basic standard that every provider should adhere to.

Technical support

The required level of technical support should be enough to ensure that the system ability to fail is close to zero. The main KPIs of high-quality technical support are maintenance time and the speed of processing technical problems by the support team.

Product quality

Another important criterion for choosing a virtual data room is product quality, i.e. its speed and stability of the connection. The more distributed data centers the provider manages, the higher the data processing speed is.

Provider experience

Here you need to pay attention not only to how long the online data room provider has been on the market, but also to check the provider’s portfolio. In case the provider has customers from your industry, you can contact them directly and ask for feedback.

Pricing policy

Pricing should be simple, clear, and transparent. No hidden fees.

Level of customer satisfaction

It’s a rather difficult criterion for assessment. However, there are numerous options for collecting user feedback online as we mentioned before in the methodology section. In addition, you can consider talking to the existing provider’s customers to get a proper client’s opinion.

How to Choose the Best Virtual Data Room Software

To choose virtual data room vendors, you must first set your expectations. Treat the choice of provider as a separate project within the company. In case you do not use this approach (e.g. no KPIs, responsible team, and a project owner), it can turn out to be an investment for the sake of investment rather than a helpful tool.

  1. Define your needs and abilities. To choose the perfect virtual room, you need to make a list of tasks that you will use it for.
  2. Identify desired features. This is important because even the best virtual data room can be decomposed into a set of features. Consider creating a spreadsheet where each row corresponds to a separate feature: {security component 1, …, security component N}, {speed component 1, …, speed component N}. It will be much easier to compare all the providers on the market and choose exactly the virtual data room that is ideal for your business.
  3. Consider your budget. The best data rooms are those that provide the necessary components listed in the previous point and have a predictable ROI at the same time.
  4. Compare virtual data rooms. Create a database of the best data room providers, add your criteria, prices, and compare your options. The process is similar.
  5. Read the reviews. After your list has been shortened to five to ten providers, read the reviews. To find reliable reviews about data room software, check not only the reviews on the rating website but also those on forums, social media and other platforms.
  6. Select VDR providers, check their websites, and talk to support teams. By doing this you can get to know the virtual data room brand and people behind it. You definitely should talk with support, because these are the people who will help you with solving the problems if they occur.
  7. Free trial. If you don’t try out deal room software, you won’t be able to define whether it is suitable for your business.

After or during the trial, install the room and make it “yours” promptly. While using it, you can contact the support team to solve urgent problems: even the best virtual data rooms cannot be a perfect fit for every company right away.  In addition, try to make the VDR usage a part of your team’s daily processes as soon as possible. This way, you will use all the features of the tool and provide a quick return on investment.

Virtual Data Room Features and Business Benefits

  • Data Security Guarantees

With a virtual data room, all your documents will always be protected.
Each file that you upload to the virtual room is checked by antiviruses for integrity and the absence of threats. Downloading damaged or vulnerable files to the room is restricted.
Access to each file is controlled by multi-level encryption when opening and downloading, so you can manage access to documents both in the virtual room and outside. If necessary, you can remotely delete any file.

  • Full Document Management Control

You can configure individual access to view and download documents for all room participants and see the actions that users performed with these files.
For example, you can allow full or partial rights for viewing or editing documents, assign watermarks to files, and give granular permission to download or print them.

  • Workflow Speed

With Virtual Data Room, working with files is even faster and more convenient: they are easy to upload, merge, move, download, delete and restore, and if necessary, several files can be combined into one.

  • Easy Access and Availability

All participants in the virtual data room can work with documents in the web interface or mobile iOS / Android applications without the need to install additional plugins or programs.
In addition, participants do not need to remember usernames and passwords for each project – the best providers of VDRs offer single sign-on technology.

  • Reduced Overhead Costs

Deploying an analog of VDR on your own servers will cost much more than using an existing cloud-based solution. In addition, the use of a solution that is provided by a trusted vendor eliminates the risks associated with data leakage compared to conventional cloud data products, e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, etc.: in some cases, such leaks can bring much more losses than standard overhead costs.

  • Increased Transparency

Each action and information that participants are looking for in the data room is recorded in the action log. These data allow you to analyze all the activities for a selected period of time and document in order to avoid conflicts, misunderstandings, and disagreements.
An intuitive reporting tool with color-coding (heat map) allows the owner of documents to quickly analyze which groups and projects of the room show the highest activity.
Analyze any actions by individual users or user groups (how often they enter the system, what documents are available to them, etc.) and change the settings if necessary with few clicks or taps.

Virtual data rooms are among the most powerful online business tools. They erase the boundaries of time and regions, so participants can conduct secure business processes from anywhere in the world, regardless of the task that the business needs to solve at the moment.

Who Uses Virtual Data Room

Virtual data room providers

Companies of any size and industry can benefit from the usage of virtual data room services. VDRs are utilized in almost any situation where you need to give confidential access to certain information to a group of people. Most often, VDR is employed for the following tasks:

  • Corporate documentation analysis.
  • Creating a corporate document repository.
  • Conducting an audit before a merger and acquisition transaction.
  • Preparing documents for the company’s IPO.
  • Communication with investors.
  • Bankruptcy and restructuring procedures.
  • Code analysis without the risk you have when transferring it to other contractors, etc.

Today, virtual data rooms are actively used in the healthcare, risk capital, business agents, banks, financial institutions, consultancy, manufacturing, immovable property, accounting, and audits industries.

Financial sector. For such companies, the security of document delivery to the recipient and the control of access rights to it provided by virtual data room services are crucial.
Corporate. Data room services allow businesses to provide secure access for a certain period of time and end it when an agreement is reached and the transaction is completed.
Communication service providers. Data room service providers protect all essential user data.
Retailers. Retail companies can safely provide access to valuable data for merchandisers, sales representatives, contractors, and partners with the help of virtual data room service providers.

Therefore, if your business involves sensitive data management of any kind and it is important to maintain access rights and control over the distribution of transmitted information, there is a huge chance that virtual data rooms will help you to maintain these processes easily.