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Best Virtual Data Rooms 2023

Last update: December, 2023

iDeals is a customer-oriented virtual data room solution that allows for secure data sharing and effective collaboration. iDeals ensures impeccable customer service, ease of use, and enhanced security. This is possible due to such services as 8 levels of granular user permissions, 24/7 in-app live chat support, customizable branding, and desktop app synchronization. Additionally, with the help of advanced Q&A workflows and detailed audit trails, iDeals ensures smooth and effective project management and successful deal-making

Free Trial: 30 Days
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Ansarada online data room is a secure file-sharing solution with an easy-to-use interface and AI-based tools that aim to improve the deal flow. Ansarada’s AI services allow for easier data organization, automated reporting, and better tracking. Besides, Ansarada’s dedicated project management tool Deal Workflow enables multiple project management. Among other features offered by Ansarada are 4 levels of granular access controls, built-in redaction, and remote wipe.

Free Trial: 14 Days
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Datasite virtual data room is a reliable cloud solution for many needs: from mergers and acquisitions to project management. Datasite offers a few products, such as Datasite Diligence, Datasite Acquire, Datasite Prepare, and Datasite Outreach. Each of these services provides dedicated and unique features that help to accelerate deals. Some features are AI search and redaction, trackers and Excel-based checklists, and the Sandbox feature.

Free Trial: 14 Days
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Intralinks VDR offers a fast and smart cloud storage solution that would be specifically useful for global banking, dealmaking, and capital markets. It ensures document security with such features as AI redaction, watermarking, 4 levels of granular access permissions, and two-factor authentication. Besides, users can collaborate on the deal with the help of the Q&A section and improve deal workflow thanks to the Zoom integration.

Free Trial: 30 Days
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DealRoom data room specializes in assisting complex financial transactions such as M&A and offers a variety of helpful features for the buy-side, sell-side, and deal advisors. Thanks to the Pipeline tool, DealRoom users can manage multiple projects or due diligence processes simultaneously, without putting sensitive data at risk. Document security is ensured with the help of such features as 4 levels of access permissions, watermarking, two-factor authentication, and 256-bit AES encryption.

Free Trial: 14 Days
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OneHub data room offers secure cloud storage and sharing for files during various online deals and projects in such industries as finance, marketing, healthcare, energy, and more. It provides a customizable and secure data room that enables a smooth deal or project management. The main OneHub features include session timeouts, 3 levels of granular access permissions, watermarking, automatic file deletion, and several integrations such as Google Drive and Microsoft Office Online.

Free Trial: 14 Days
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SmartRoom is a virtual data room solution for web-based deal management. It offers such unique product-based services as SmartDrive, SmartLock, SmartSahre, and SmartMail, aimed to make the data-sharing process easier and more secure. Besides, SmartRoom offers such features as Q&A workflow, redaction, and several levels of user access permissions. Additionally, it integrates with SalesForce and Microsoft Office Online.

Free Trial: No
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Clinked data room is a cloud-based client portal and collaboration tool. Clinked is customizable, both on desktop and Android/iOS mobile app, which allows making a data room project- or deal-oriented. Except for providing secure cloud storage for data, Clinked also offers a variety of collaboration tools, such as task management, group chat, email notifications, discussion, and content following. Additionally, it integrates with Google Workspace, Adobe Sign, and Zapier.

Free Trial: 10 Days
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Firmex virtual data room provides a cloud storage and sharing solution for various projects and complex deals. It’s widely used in many industries, such as government, legal, corporate, investment banking, and real estate. Firmex ensures data security with the help of such features as watermarks, built-in redaction, 6 levels of granular access controls, and single sign-on. Additionally, it provides a Q&A workflow that helps to efficiently work on large volumes of due diligence questions.

Free Trial: No
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SecureDocs is an easy-to-use virtual data room by Onit company that takes about 10 minutes to set up. SecureDocs provides such features as customizable dashboards, advanced search, audit log reporting, and Q&A workflow. The security is ensured by watermarking, 4 levels of granular access permissions, multifactor authentication, and auto time-out. It’s used during such transactions as M&A, fundraising, strategic partnerships, and IPOs.

Free Trial: 7 Days
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Check out the best virtual data room providers according to VDR global rankings. Compare prices and features of virtual data rooms and choose the data room software for your needs.

We provide insight and advice to help clients understand the VDR market trends, identify opportunities, and grow their businesses.

What is a virtual data room?

A virtual data room (VDR), also known as a virtual deal room, is a secure online repository that many companies use for storing important data and sharing sensitive documentation. Usually, it is used to facilitate the due diligence process in such large-scale deals as M&A deals.

VDR software allows users to share confidential documents and critical business data over the internet in a controlled environment and interact with other users during a deal-making process in a completely secure manner from any device and location. The VDR software users can easily share sensitive data with third parties, like investors or clients, within a controlled online platform.

An online data room, digital data room, and electronic data room are synonymous with a virtual data room.

Compared to physical data rooms, an electronic data room eliminates the need of having physical paperwork, which reduces clutter and waste. Moreover, the digital data room offers advanced document management and security features that help to improve workflow and increase a team’s productivity — traditional data rooms can’t offer that.

Unlike physical data rooms, the online data room provides a safe collaboration platform thanks to such data room features as the Q&A and comment sections. In the deal room, users can request access to necessary documents at any time and get a quick response to instant notifications.

secure data room, merger and acquisition data room

Who provides data room services?

Virtual data room service providers are certified vendors of secure cloud software and document repositories. VDR providers comply with the necessary digital standards to ensure the security of business document flow. The number of virtual deal room services on sale is off the charts due to the growing number of customers. Developers are also trying to create VDRs that are better than the previous ones and can offer much more than basic file-sharing platforms like Google Drive. In this regard, a potential user has to allocate time to find the top virtual data room. These are the companies that supply high technological online space for business needs.

The VDR vendors eliminate such things as:

  • Dangers of leaks
  • Contingencies associated with technical aspects
  • Incorrect transaction flow

VDR vendors’ services are in great demand today. Clients receive an electronic platform for:

  • Keeping data safe
  • Secure data exchange
  • Making deals smooth and straightforward

The VDR data room users range from small start-up companies to world-renowned organizations. It is easy to explain because the commitment of any business to security does not depend on the field of activity. It is online data room providers that offer a product that satisfies both this urgent need and many others. Deal room software is usually a user-friendly platform with round-the-clock access for authorized persons. At any time, it is possible to exchange confidential documents and contact colleagues, partners, and other multiple parties without worrying about leaks and other problems.

Virtual data room vendors comparison — top 6

Now, let’s make a virtual data room comparison among different providers that are industry leaders to help you compare virtual data rooms and choose the best data room for your company’s needs.

5.0 / 5.0
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About iDeals

iDeals is a trusted virtual data room provider with about 14 years of experience.

It’s most acclaimed by its clients for its extreme user-friendliness and white labeling services. Among iDeals customers are Deloitte, American Airlines, and Toyota.

Thanks to the various document security features, the ability to customize a data room, and a superior customer support team, iDeals is chosen in many industries and suits the needs of small-, mid-, and large-sized companies

Competitive advantages

You can customize the overall look of your online data room. It includes watermarking, logo, header and footers, invitation email, language settings, and terms of access.

Ease of use

iDeals is cloud-based software, which means no extra plugins are needed. This data room also offers Android and iOS mobile applications and enables single sign-on and multilingual access.

Devoted customer support

There are three main ways to contact the support team: email, phone, and chat. The speed of answering is fast — 30 seconds in chat, and up to 30 minutes via email.

Flexible pricing

iDeals offers three pricing options depending on the client’s needs. Each plan comes with a list of features you unlock after subscribing. All the new subscribers also get a free 30-day trial.

Great usability and document management

You can easily upload files in 25+ formats thanks to the drag and drop and bulk upload. The search through the documentation will also be simplified thanks to the optical character recognition (OCR), full-text search, and auto-indexing.

4.59 / 5.0
About Datasite

Datasite provides an excellent data room service in about 170 countries around the world.

Clients choose Datasite for the industry leading features they offer: from the first-rate data security tools to the responsive customer support.

Datasite is mainly an M&A data room, as it especially specializes in M&A deals, making the entire deal process straightforward and secure.

Datasite is the best data room software for the needs of medium and large businesses.

Competitive advantages
Built-in communication

Datasite offers an integrated Q&A section that allows to set up the workflow, roles, and categories in a breeze.

Unlimited admins

You can assign as many admins as you need, with clients, banks, and unlimited bidders — all included in one price.

Analytics and reporting

To control the whole M&A process, opt for the analytics services the Datasite provides. It includes automated dashboards that you can export and filter for the information you need.

Ease of use and data upload

Uploading large volumes of data is easy on the Datasite VDR provider thanks to the drag-and-drop features, bulk move, and renaming options. You can also upload zip files up to 50 GB.

Smooth data management

Managing data is also painless because of the multilingual search, OCR, file preview, and smart AI categories.

3.49 / 5.0
About CapLinked

CapLinked is a secure electronic data room that’s mainly used for asset sales, real estate transactions, fundraising, and more. It’s also one of the best data rooms for M&A.

It’s a great VDR solution primarily for large enterprises and mid-sized organizations, but can be also used by small companies.

The set of data security and data management features the CapLinked VDR provider offers makes it an attractive solution among business professionals.

Competitive advantages
Outstanding customer service

CapLinked makes sure every customer gets professional on-time assistance whenever such a need occurs.

Several integration options

CapLinked VDR data room allows you to seamlessly integrate your cloud space into the applications you already work with. Some of the allowed integrations are Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Salesforce.

Activity dashboard

It enables you to monitor all the activity performed inside a VDR virtual data room and get prompt notifications about all the changes made.

Straightforward collaboration

The special tools introduced by CapLinked make the collaboration on the team and with multiple parties smoother. It includes instant messaging, a Q&A section, and FAQ notifications.

Easy setup

It takes only 10 minutes to set up the CapLinked secure data room.

4.71 / 5.0
About Citrix ShareFile

Citrix ShareFile is one of the top VDR providers for freelancers, startups, as well as small-, mid-, and large-sized businesses.

If you seek virtual data rooms for mergers and acquisitions, simple corporate development, or any other business deals, Citrix ShareFile might be a good data room solution.

Customers from more than 100 countries choose this data room virtual software because of flexible pricing, advanced security, and various data management features.

Competitive advantages

With Citrix ShareFile you can create your own branded space that reflects your business identity. This is exactly what makes the best virtual data room providers stand out among physical storage options.

Office 365 integration

This feature allows making the process of getting approvals and feedback automated. It also allows for document co-editing and versioning.

Transparent and flexible pricing

Citrix ShareFile offers four pricing plans that differ in cost and set of features provided. This way, every type of business can get what they want for a fair price. All the pricing details are also described on the main website, which speaks about extreme transparency.

File sync feature

This service enables you to sync folders and files from your local device with those in a data room online space. This way, all the changes you make on your computer will also be displayed in a virtual data room.

Subsequent storage

Subscribers can enjoy the generous storage of about 50 GB.

Ease of use

Citrix ShareFile allows easy accessibility and file sharing in just a few clicks. What’s more, it offers a convenient email plugin and the ability to send large files without any bugs.

3.87 / 5.0
About ShareVault

ShareVault is one of those virtual data room solutions that fit the needs of all types of businesses: from small companies to enterprises.

This cloud-based software helps to significantly streamline such processes as M&A, licensing, bankruptcy, restructuring, capital raising, and other business transactions.

ShareVault services facilitate the due diligence process as well as enhance the quality of corporate collaboration.

Competitive advantages
Convenient data management

Files upload is easy thanks to the bulk upload. Data navigation and management are straightforward due to such features as the ability to favorite particular files, infinite scrolling, full-text search, hierarchical tags, and more.

Activity analytics

Track who is viewing your documents, for how long, and what files get attention the most. This is easy to do thanks to the features ShareVault provides: audit trail, IP address tracking, interactive reporting, and heat maps.

Document control

Data security is what matters the most when it comes to data rooms. ShareVault provides many features aimed to secure the information you share online: remote shredding, granular access controls, expiration date and time, dynamic watermarking, and more.

Smooth user experience

ShareVault is easy to navigate for all users despite their tech background. The VDR offers high-performance document viewers, a secure A/V player, inter-document hyperlinking, and a Q&A section.

Knowledgeable customer support

The support team is responsive and is ready to assist you 24/7 via phone, chat, or email.

4.52 / 5.0
About DealRoom

DealRoom is one of the leading and the best data rooms, and the majority of existing virtual data room reviews are proof of that.

DealRoom ensures a smooth M&A experience for all the parties involved. However, this VDR data room can be used for different reasons: from simple corporate data storage to confidential document sharing during business deals.

Customers choose DealRoom for its user-friendly interface and enhanced security features.

Competitive advantages
Collaboration tools

DealRoom enables you to send messages and assign tasks to both internal and external VDR users.

Activity dashboard

You can track the deal’s progress, get full reports on the users’ activity inside the deal room, and investigate their engagement.

Easy data management

Uploading files is straightforward thanks to the drag-n-drop feature. You can also set up 4-level viewing permissions and apply watermarking to enhance your data security.

Third-party integrations

DealRooms provide integration options with modern tools such as Slack, Salesforce, Google Apps, Microsoft Teams, Idaptive, and Okta.

Pre-built templates

Setting up a deal room is even faster with the help of pre-built templates DealRoom offers.

You can check more providers available on the dedicated page

Best virtual data rooms for M&A

M&A virtual data rooms
  1. iDeals Data Room
  2. Firmex Data Room
  3. Intralinks Dealspace
  4. Citrix Systems
  5. BlackBerry Workspaces
  6. Merrill Datasite
  7. Onehub
  8. DealRoom Software
  9. Digify
  10. Donnelley Venue

M&A online data rooms are basically data rooms used for M&A deals. 

The sell-side uploads all the required documents about the business to the online data room so that the buy-side could review all the details before making a final decision. 

Naturally, the security and confidentiality M&A VDR providers offer matters the most here, as an M&A deal presupposes sharing sensitive information with other parties.

Basically, every VDR provider is suitable for M&A transactions. So when making a data room software comparison to choose the most suitable one, consider the needs of your business. 

The general requirements for an M&A VDR provider are security standards and features. The rest of the feature set depends on the size of your business and the length of the M&A deal.

Large companies require a very wide range of document management features because they work with large volumes of data. Also, the more people use VDR technology, the higher the need for the technical support of a personal manager.

While for small businesses, online training on working with VDR and a basic list of document management functions are enough. For small business owners, the price is more important than for large corporations. Therefore, the starting price for some electronic data room providers can start from $900 per month, and this will be expensive for small businesses and quite acceptable for large businesses.

How to choose data room software: Selection guide 

While searching for the right VDR takes a lot of time and effort, the process isn’t necessarily hard especially if you follow our VDR solutions selection guide. 

Identifying your goal plays a significant role in choosing which among the Virtual Data Room solutions is best for your business. Once your intention is clear, you can move on to specific steps of selecting a competent VDR provider for your needs. 

1. Outline your requirements

Every company and every project is unique. Based on your purpose, the company’s size, the industry specifics, and many other factors, you’ll need to navigate between pre-established VDR plans and tailored flexible virtual data room solutions. Below are two essential factors to keep in mind at this stage:

People. Begin by listing everyone who might need access to the VDR. Ask yourself:

  • Are they the key decision-makers or the entire company? 
  • What access level will each member have? 
  • Are all potential VDR users tech-savvy? 

Setting aside the strictly technical side of VDR selection and considering the people factor will help you make the right choice when selecting the right tool, so make sure to account for all possible users.

Data. Another aspect to contemplate is the data you’re going to store and share via VDR. Ask yourself:

  • What is the volume of the data that we will store? 
  • What are the main file types we rely on in daily business communication?
  • What confidentiality levels will the organization need? 
  • What downloading possibilities will allow for quick data sharing?

Planning the structure of the VDR in advance is an excellent asset to handling data safely and effectively. 

With the outline of what you expect from a fitting VDR provider, you are ready to proceed to the next step: listing the distinct features you will look for across various virtual data room solutions.

2. Consider the necessary features

If this is your first time dealing with VDR, you might not know what is generally available out there. At this point, it is important to comprehend the distinction between rudimentary data storage and VDR. While typical storage solutions offer different approaches to data safekeeping, such as uploading, viewing, downloading, and sometimes minor editing, virtual data rooms go beyond that scope. 

Data handling enabled by VDRs can involve many dimensions of technological advancements. For instance, you can choose to limit or restrict access to particular sections of the data room, watermark sensitive documents, track downloads, disable screenshots, and more. Established VDR providers will also grant you access to an array of professional, administrative services, such as translation or document scanning, for an additional fee. This is something you’ll never spot with basic file-sharing services and a physical data room.

In the table below, we’ve listed the most common features a reliable online data room provider should offer.

Document managementDrag-and-drop and bulk upload. Drag-n-drop and bulk uploading are the typical data room features that help to upload files in bulk and in a single click.  
Advanced search. It helps to find anything in a few seconds. This is usually possible due to advanced search filters, tags, labels, and the optical character recognition tool, which performs a full-text search among all files. 
Auto indexing and automated index numbering. When uploading lots of files and folders, they’re all grouped in a clear data room structure automatically and form a numbered data room index
SecurityDynamic watermarking. It enables digital watermarks to appear on top of every document when it’s viewed, downloaded, or printed.
Redaction. This is one of the advanced features VDRs provide. It blacks out certain areas of files so that personally-identifiable information stays private.  Fence view. This is also one of the advanced functions data rooms offer. When it’s activated, a user sees only a part of the document, while the rest of it is covered with a digital view. It also prevents screenshotting.  Security certifications. The most trusted data rooms offer at least ISO 27001, SOC 1/2/3, GDPR, and HIPAA. 
Access securityGranular access permissions. Admins can set certain access levels so that only authorized users can access, print, or download documents. Multi factor authentication. Most data rooms offer two-factor authentication, which enables users to verify their identity by entering the SMS code when accessing virtual data rooms.
Time and IP access restrictions. Admins can restrict access to certain IPs or set limited periods of time for viewing documents. 
User managementBulk user invitation. It helps to invite lots of users in a single click. 
Easy group setup. Admins can create groups with different access privileges so that everyone can only access the files they need.
Notifications. Users can receive notifications about uploaded and deleted documents and certain activities inside data rooms. 
User experienceMultilingual interface. The more supported languages virtual data rooms offer, the better. It also corresponds to customer support — top data rooms speak their clients’ language.
Third-party integrated tools. Such integrations as Slack, Zoom, or OneDrive make collaboration inside data rooms more efficient.
Free demo. It’s great when prospects have a chance to see virtual data rooms services in action before purchasing a subscription.
Desktop and mobile applications. Data rooms that allow working on deals on all devices are definitely among customers’ top choices.  
ReportingAudit logs. An audit log enables recording every action inside data rooms as well as maintaining internal compliance.
Custom reporting. For more efficient collaboration, admins have user activity tracking possibilities to track actions inside data rooms and create custom reports on all group activity
CustomizationGeneral look and feel. Users can add brand colors and logos to data rooms — this is something you can’t do when exchanging documents via physical space.
Customizable watermarks. Users can customize the contents of watermarks and how they will be displayed — on viewing, downloading, or printing. 
Customizable NDA. Admins can set certain terms of use  every user will need to accept when accessing data rooms.

3. Allocate the budget

Budget allocation is a brief, yet vital step when searching for the most suitable VDR solution. Whether you are making the decision yourself or pitching the VDRs to your superiors, keep in mind that the functionality and effectiveness of the VDR will always correlate with its usage cost. But this doesn’t mean that setting up a deal room will be unreasonably expensive. 

As you will learn further, the pricing policies of VDR providers are based on the service offering and the specific requirements of your company. What’s more, as long as you are dealing with a trustworthy provider, you will have a chance to learn and understand the prices before making any decisions.

4. Compare the options

The number of virtual data room services on sale is off the charts. It is because the number of customers is growing. The developers are trying to create something better than the previous ones. In this regard, a potential user has to allocate time to find the most suitable tool. They differ in lots of characteristics, among them are: 

  • The function set
  • The availability of technical support professionals
  • The level of security

To choose the best option, each client must consider these and many other aspects. Some companies select by price, others by quality. But still, each of the directors should remember that teamwork and data protection depends on this acquisition. However, high cost does not always mean high-quality virtual deal services. That is why it is necessary to pay maximum attention to the next factors.

Comparing the available virtual data room solutions is the most time-consuming phase. At this point, consider using the following criteria to outline the most suitable VDR providers.


Ensuring the safety of your data is crucial when it comes to sharing documentation via VDRs. When comparing, keep an eye out for things like two-factor authentication, timed access expiration, multiple permission levels, and IP-address-based access limitations. Take note of the provider’s compliance certificates to guarantee the perfect match with top security standards. Look for virtual data room solutions that exhibit certifications such as SOC 1 & SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI DSS.


Each VDR offers a certain level of adaptability when it comes to operating systems and devices. The ideal solution will be equally functional across all majorly utilized platforms — be it iOS or Android, Windows, Linux, or macOS. You won’t need to install numerous plugins or write a single line of code. Also, look at the suggested data hosting locations. The majority of vendors use public clouds and multiple international data centers, but the select ones might be able to offer physical storage and data center preferable to the user as well.


You can judge the effectiveness of any given provider by their customer support’s availability, contact channels, response time, and the ability to get a dedicated team to assist you through your VDR experience. The preferable configuration of the support offering will feature the ability to communicate in multiple languages, have access to someone on the team 24/7, and have a choice to communicate via live chat, phone, or email. 

User management

The VDR provider you’d want to go with will give you the option to restrict accessibility by location or by role, establish multiple accessibility levels, and monitor the activity of all users within the platform. To ensure an effective experience for all, look for the features such as bulk invitations, adjustable Excel viewing permissions, user notifications, and streamlined group setup. 


When it comes to a VDR’s interface execution, the bottom line is always a clear, intuitive configuration, equally apparent to the CFO and the entry-level accountant. A VDR with a well-thought-out interface should offer extensive deployment options, a single sign-on for all projects, and a convenient scroll-through for navigation between thousands of files. Apart from a simple and comprehensive UI, you might also want to take advantage of VDR customization. This way, your corporate branding is transmitted every step of the way and the function prioritization meets your specific needs.

Here’s another list of questions to help users with the choice of virtual dataroom. They are about how easy it is to work on the platform and how accessible it is.

  • What are the operating systems that VDR can co-exist with?
  • Is it available on mobile devices?
  • How modern and accessible is the interface design?
  • How many steps are required to invite new members or upload data?
  • Are the virtual data rooms accessible all the time? Are there restrictions?


The pricing policies correspond to different guidelines across the majority of vendors. Some options rely on per-page or storage-based pricing policies, where the final cost depends on the amount of data you’ll need. Other solutions rely on the per-user model where you pay for the number of seats. An alternative pricing model offers a flat monthly fee, which depends on the package you choose. Some offer a limited data storage capacity, while others allow for a bespoke enterprise experience with unlimited administrators and solid storage space. The final cost will depend on the task, the amount of data, the number of users, and the pricing policy you choose.

5. Read the reviews

Start by going through the reviews presented at the chosen VDR provider’s website. Companies that have been around for a while usually accumulate a decent amount of credible evaluations. 

But don’t stop at the internal reviews. Take the time to read third-party sites for deeper insights into VDR providers. You will want to check out the customer reviews on platforms like Trustpilot or Software Advice, as well as the employees’ view of the company on Glassdoor, for example. Taking both internal and external virtual data room reviews into consideration will give you a good idea of the VDR’s effectiveness and ethics.

6. Request a complimentary trial

Just before you make the final choice among the considered vendors, take advantage of using their services for free for at least a month. Unlike physical data rooms, most modern virtual deal rooms offer free trials. Try to steer clear from the VDR providers that don’t offer complimentary trial periods, as it might mean they don’t have a lot to offer and sustain on initial charges alone. 

Having discussed some issues with a data room provider, any customer will make sure they are going for the best VDR solution. Sometimes the service ends with the software launching. In this case, users are left alone with problems and unanswered questions:

  • Does the offer include a free trial? It is more important than it might seem at first glance. Without a demo, this deal is like buying a pig in a poke. Having the opportunity to try a product, a buyer sees reasons for the investment, sometimes quite expensive.
  • Does the offer cover technical support? Ignoring this issue, the organization denies itself professional assistance in force majeure situations.
  • Is it possible to order additional options after installing the electronic data room? No one can foresee new needs tomorrow. Best data room providers do not exclude such a possibility, and therefore they create a flexible program.
  • How efficient is training for company personnel? All directors want to see that each of the colleagues gets used to the new work format quickly. Otherwise, what should be of great benefit will lead to slowdowns.
  • Is it possible to install preferred integrations? This is important for companies that have well-established workflows and are used to certain tools for convenience, such as Microsoft OneDrive or Slack. It can be important for them to keep those workflows with VDRs as well.
  • Is remote access allowed? In case the device is stolen or lost, a company would want to have full access control to the sensitive data so that they can remotely wipe it and prevent data leaks.

During the data room free trial, you should get a feel of how well your requirements match with the chosen VDR. Additionally, you can use the charge-free time to prepare for future procedures, upload and organize all the documents, and set the appropriate access limitations. 

7. Start using the VDR

After you find the gem in the ocean of modern virtual data room solutions, go ahead and start benefiting from the software that accommodates your every need and makes the process of sensitive data management enjoyable for everyone involved. 

Uses of data room software

Virtual data rooms are utilized in almost any situation where you need to give confidential access to certain information to a group of people. Most often, VDR is employed for the following tasks:

  • Corporate documentation analysis
  • Creating a corporate document repository
  • Conducting an audit before a merger and acquisition (M&A) transaction
  • Preparing documents for the company’s IPO
  • Communication with investors and investment bankers
  • Bankruptcy and restructuring procedures
  • Code analysis without the risk you have when transferring it to other contractors

The very first stage of filtering through possible VDR solutions is outlining your main goal. Sensitive data handling applies to a lot of different use case scenarios, and the specifics of each particular one should correspond with the VDR’s functionality and features. 

Obviously, virtual data rooms are widely used in many industries and businesses. It’s the best solution when you’re in need of a reliable repository to safely store your sensitive corporate data and manage significant deals. 

Nevertheless, below are the most common data room use cases.

Mergers and acquisitions

M&A virtual data room is mostly used during the due diligence process when potential buyers review large volumes of documentation. 

A data room for M&A allows for the secure sharing of your confidential information without any possible leaks. 

With a virtual data room software implementation, you facilitate the due diligence process and boost the chances of closing the deal faster and more efficiently. And even if the deal fails, your corporate data stays protected and unrevealed.

Corporate repository 

VDR software is the best solution for storing huge amounts of corporate information, no matter the size of your company. It provides lifecycle management of your business documentation and allows you to take full control of that. You can store files of almost all formats: from videos to presentations and more.

Moreover, most data room vendors offer theability to get reports on how your documents are performing and what actions users take inside the online deal room — this is what traditional physical data rooms can’t offer. This lets you monitor all the processes in the company and timely improve them when there’s such a need.


Manufacturing industry is always about billion-dollar contracts and projects. Obviously, such high-stake deals need efficient management and confidentiality. 

Data rooms don’t only enable the easy collaboration and distribution of sensitive documents during manufacturing deals but also provide a high level of security for all confidential documents shared.

Intellectual property

Multiple lawyers of security data rooms ensure that all the patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and trademarks are kept from undesired views. 

Loan syndication

When managing a loan syndication process, for a borrower, it’s important to keep all the sensitive information confidential. On the other hand, a lender will want to have easy access to all the documentation to analyze a borrower’s credit history, assess the facility, and comment on the proposed terms and conditions. Secure file sharing and effective collaboration are exactly what VDR solutions offer.

Litigation processes

During the litigation process, a high level of security is extremely important since lots of confidential documents are usually involved. Most modern VDR providers offer a range of security services aimed at protecting customers’ data, that’s why VDRs are often used for litigation processes.


Accounting presupposes working with lots of sensitive financial data. That’s why the security of that data is of the foremost importance. This is what data rooms can offer.

Via VDRs you can exchange documents without being worried that some third parties will see them.

Real estate management 

The immovable property industry requires sharing lots of documentation with potential buyers. 

This is why real estate agents take advantage of the secure VDR technology. You can upload all the necessary files to the virtual data room for prospective customers to review before the deal. Besides, the e-signature feature most VDR providers offer eliminates the need to arrange numerous offline meetings and speeds up real estate transactions.

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Initial public offering (IPO)

By deciding to go public, you have to be ready to gather and disclose huge amounts of company-related documentation. Like with an M&A, this is an extremely time-consuming process. 

Provided that not only potential investors but also other third-party experts such as underwriters will have access to your data, security measures are significant. 

Virtual data room services are the solution to both issues.

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Capital raising

Fundraising is also a complicated and effort-consuming process. To attract investors and get funds, you need to provide all the necessary information about your venture. 

With the best VDR, it’s easy to do thanks to the smooth upload and straightforward data management. 

What’s more, the due diligence processes are simplified and improved, as all prospective investors and other interested parties can access your files from anywhere in the world via one secure link. In addition, most vendors offer aQ&A section where users can ask any arising questions and get prompt answers.

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Private equity

Private equity firms need VDR solutions to successfully and securely store all the M&A contracts as well as other sensitive documentation. 

Oftentimes, such companies have a few potential deals in the process. That’s why reliable VDR software is important to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Bankruptcy and restructuring

When a company is undergoing bankruptcy and is in the process of restructuring the project management, every detail matters. 

The best virtual data rooms allow storing huge amounts of information in one place. What’s more, given that the whole process involves interested parties from different locations or departments, a high level of security and effective collaboration is desired. This is what virtual deal rooms also provide.

Life sciences

The main concern of modern healthcare and biotech companies is the complete safety of their confidential data, such as various research results and information about patients. 

That’s also the reason why they opt for VDR services. Virtual data rooms simplify the whole scientific process thanks to the numerous security features, collaboration tools, and round-the-clock access. 


Banking, especially investment banking, is the most common use case of VDR solutions. 

Banks and other financial institutions always have piles of sensitive information to store: from financial transactions to business contracts. Electronic data rooms offer secure cloud storage for all that data.

Top data room providers also enable straightforward collaboration between the parties involved, easy access at any time of the day, and a dedicated support team that is ready to assist when in need.

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