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A real revolution in the transaction process has gained immediate popularity. People from around the world gained an exclusive opportunity to securely and safely share the necessary information through the quality data room. Just get the Internet connection and obtain guaranteed and secure data storing and administration, solid money and time saving, simultaneously dealing with important business issues. Nowadays, a data room is a 100% secure place you can use for meeting with your business partners involved in a deal. Access your room from any device or location, save your time and money with the most appreciated and up-do-date virtual data rooms.


iDeals Virtual Data Room

Rating: 5.0

This VDR has been successfully operating since 2008 and gained the undeniable reputation of a secure and helpful platform. iDeals VDR is preferred by the exponents of various industries, especially when it comes to time-consuming and extensional projects. Moreover, iDeals VDR offers mobile apps that allow working with files on the go.

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Intralinks Virtual Data Room

Rating: 4.7

Intralinks is trusted by many big-scale companies and well-known brands. It is a true giant in the virtual data room industry. Intralinks offers three different packages to suit the needs of both smaller and larger businesses. Although the solution might feel not flexible enough, especially for younger entrepreneurs that prefer agile software

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Merrill Datasite Virtual Data Room

Rating: 4.5

Merrill datasite serves an excellent solution for extensional and complex deals. Quality extra services provided by Merrill also help in consulting, content administration and other processes required for profitable cooperation.

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Ansarada Virtual Data Room

Rating: 4.1

Ansarada offers a convenient AI-powered virtual data room dedicated to due diligence and Mergers and Acquisitions. Here you will have all the tools you need to go through these processes successfully. And Artificial Intelligence will fetch you the required information to help you make data-driven decisions. Thus, you can focus on the process completely.

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Box Virtual Data Room

Rating: 3.8

Box virtual data room is packed with features, yet it is simple enough for any user to work with it having no issues. Businesses can customize almost every detail in the data room to make it look more trustworthy and create a seamless experience for partners and customers. You can also integrate Box with other instruments your company is using.

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Firmex Virtual Data Room

Rating: 3.5

Firmex offers a flexible and modern virtual data room that can satisfy the needs of most businesses. Here you will have all the features you need and even more. It is one of few data rooms that allows the business owners to set up the software the way they want it to be. So if you’re looking for an agile yet simple solution, Firmex is a good option.

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Virtual Data Room Solutions

A secure file storage and sharing solution is an inevitable part of any up-to-date business. However, the modern market offers way too many providers with different options and features. Choosing the exact platform you need may take some time, but the primary thing you should pay attention to is its purpose.

Document Security

Definitely, the key attention of any VDR provider is focused on the security of information uploaded to the platform. Up-to-date encryption, multiple-level authentication, discreet data room access and revocation procedure are the ticket to guaranteed document security.

Data Room Due Diligence

It is an inevitable procedure that presupposes a range of important transactions and operations. Data room due diligence is an excellent environment for risk-free storage of important files.

Data Room M&A

VDR M&A is a completely new but inevitable option, which simplifies the process of merging and acquisition. The average data room M&A has Q&A module, FAQ section and other options that help you be sure of the dependability of cooperation.

More points for more productivity

organize information in workspaces

control what invited users can see

customize your data room

make collaboration easier and faster

Best Virtual Data Room Providers Reviews

iDeals Virtual Data Room

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Intralinks Virtual Data Room

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Merrill Datasite Virtual Data Room

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Ansarada Virtual Data Room

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Box Virtual Data Room

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Firmex Virtual Data Room

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Onehub Data Room

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BlackBerry Workspaces (Watchdox)


What Is the Difference between Virtual Data Room Providers?

In the modern world, immaterial goods are considered to be the most significant. Thus, businessmen and successful entrepreneurs are in constant search for a reliable way of protecting documentation. Data room is a revolutionary solution that offers a range of instruments and tools for convenient information storage, use, and sharing. Despite the features of the vast majority of rooms coincide, some peculiarities can differ. The most conventional due diligence virtual data rooms offer the following:

  • Safe keeping of data and transaction details;
  • Change to share papers;
  • Movable documents;
  • Coexistence;
  • Customer support;
  • Simple access when using tablets and smartphones;
  • Quality searching system and others.

Facing a variety of data room services, it may be challenging to opt for the most dependable one. However, mind the following points to make the right decision:

  • Level of protection. Document security is the primary concern, so anti-viral programs, two-factor authentication, encryption and related protection methods are expected. Make sure you get an individual code on the phone before you enter the room, so the third party cannot watermark, download, copy or print the document without a special access;
  • Location of electronic data room. It is always beneficial to be aware of the place, where the collectors of the room are so that the information should not be diffused to thousands of places;
  • Trial period. Dependable and quality data room providers, who are 100% confident in their service and absence of hidden dangers or problems, will offer you 2-week or even 3-month trial period.
  • Errors. Check the capacity of the platform before cooperation to exclude the risk of possible errors.

Access, Document Security, and Certification

Virtual data room providersData security and protection are crucially important during the cooperation with any provider. The overwhelming majority of enterprises are greatly concerned about it, so they care for the information to always remain protected, starting from the very first stage and up to the last one.

Secure virtual data room means that the uploaded information is safely kept, shared and viewed within the platform. The security measures help the client to be sure the data can be accessed only by a registered user with a privileged access. Those customers who don’t have special rights cannot deal with information. Traditionally, internal control and security measures comply with the security requirements and relevant legislation. Special audits are regularly performed in order to verify the internal control and make sure all the security measures are implemented in the right way, so they can function without any errors.

Besides, a secure data room requires an individual username and password each time you want to access information. None of the items are preserved in the database in order to avoid system breaking.

Following the majority of virtual data room reviews, documents are claimed to be stored in the encrypted storage solution with an access gained through the application. Reading the document, you cannot leave any traces on the device of a client. Only certified security tools and methods are used to guarantee maximum document security within the information room.

How to Opt for the Best Virtual Data Room?

Looking for a virtual deal room, you may face several problems and pitfalls. Fancy that one of them is an immense variety of quality and dependable platforms that offer similar services. However, at this point, virtual data room comparison is the exact option you need to look for. Consider the purpose of the room use, required peculiarities, functions and extra options that may be necessary during the deal.

Despite it may be difficult to select the best virtual data room, there are several recommendations that will help you make the right choice and opt for the most suitable provider:

  • Define the tasks and key goal for the room services. An M&A data room can differ a bit from the due diligence one, etc. Learn the reviews, read the features and peculiarities claimed by the provider. Compare your expectations with the possibilities of the room;
  • Check the list of the venture clients you want to carry on cooperation with. Make sure the company will deal with the industry you are involved in. Learn the specifications and peculiar features of the preferred room;
  • Mind the customer support. Ensure that you get 24/7 helpline so that each of your international partners can get timely assistance, irrespective of the time zone;
  • Test the data room software using the trial period. The vast majority of reliable providers are always ready to offer you such an option. You can use the platform during 2-12-week term for free;
  • Mind customer-orientation and user-friendliness of the company. Search for another service in case the provider is not ready to answer your question rapidly, or you cannot find a mutual agreement.

Irrespective of the situation, if you are looking for a perfect venture necessary for your business or partnership, these factors should be always taken into account. Moreover, the charge frequently doesn’t matter in the issue. Browse reliable ratings and reviews that specify all the details about each room, especially its strengths, shortcomings, options, and services. Additionally, don’t forget about the gratis attempt, which is a perfect way to test the service and decide whether it is the exact thing you need. Ponder over the platform, which provides you with an ability to choose the design for the room, so it can suit the image of the company, attracting more depositors.

In conclusion, once you have found a beneficial and quality room where you can store information, you get an excellent chance to save time and money on successful deal-making.

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