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SmartRoom VDR
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SmartRoom VDR

Year Founded: 2004
Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA, USA

SmartRoom overview

SmartRoom is an American business software company that has been delivering virtual data room services since 2004. It is operated by BMC Group VDR LLC, an industry-leading provider of corporate information management solutions.

SmartRoom’s headquarters are located in Los Angeles, but the company has offices in 13 locations across the United States, Europe, and Asia. This service also provides businesses with a dedicated investor portal and an investment reporting tool alongside VDR. This company will come in handy for middle-sized ventures and international enterprises alike. Although SmartRoom doesn’t offer a trial period, you can draw a picture of its services due to a free demo presentation available upon request.

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SmartRoom pricing: The SmartRoom provider follows a custom, quote-based pricing model. Upon request, each client will receive a calculated estimate based on the type of their project, company size, required integrations, and other factors. The company’s Japanese division adopts a storage-based pricing model with the fees starting at $1 per 1MB a month, with a minimum of 500MB. Final prices may vary based on the duration of VDR use and the amount of data beyond the agreed number. Contact the provider to receive further details on the SmartRoom pricing approach and policies.

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software solutions

SmartRoom provides several data management solutions suitable for small businesses and large corporations alike: VDR, Investor Portal, SmartLP Reporting Automation, and Smart Exchange.

SmartRoom Virtual Data Room

The company offers a secure and reliable data room to help businesses streamline file sharing in a collaborative environment. Its data room has the following features:

  • Data room integration for efficient upload. SmartRoom allows you to synchronize your data room with your device, cloud storage, or email to upload as many files as you need in one click. Just drag and drop them into your data room. This service supports upload speeds up to 5Mbps, allowing you to transfer medium-sized files in seconds.
  • ZIP Upload. SmartRoom VDR supports ZIP file upload to increase data transfer speed. If you need to upload hefty files, you can archive them before transferring them to the data room. Additionally, the system automatically extracts files from the ZIP folder upon upload.
  • Smart content management system. The SmartRoom content system has an intuitive browser-like interface that allows file management within one tab. You can distribute and rearrange folders in a few clicks. Just select the folder or file and drag them across the index. Additionally, an intuitive color-coded context menu allows you to create, delete, refresh, edit, rename, print, redact, and save any files and folders.
  • User import integration. You can add users to your data room directly from SalesForce, DealCloud, and Office360.
  • Advanced multi-layered security. SmartRoom applies industry-leading security measures to keep client data protected 24/7. You can modify rights for data room access and share time-limited secure links. SmartRoom enables granular access adjustments up to the document level to ensure your data gets to the right hands only. Moreover, its Smartlock technology extends security even further, allowing you to revoke access to folders and files after someone downloads them.
  • Optimized due diligence tasks. SmartRoom turns tedious, time-consuming redaction into an easy few-clicks process with its interactive redaction feature. You can redact any part of a document in real-time.
  • Comprehensive activity reports. SmartRoom generates detailed user activity reports with color-coded graphs and diagrams so that you can check who does what and when. You can adjust multiple filters — like time, date, and folder — for maximum precision. Additionally, you can view how many users edit documents and check the file version history.

Investor Portal

Alongside data room services, SmartRoom delivers a seamless environment for investors. Both GPs and LPs can benefit from the investor portal designed to manage deals, investment opportunities, and portfolios. 

The portal allows you to take full control over open and closed investment opportunities and assets. You can view investment statistics, cash flow history, manage documents, transaction records, etc. 

SmartLP: An investor report tool

The company provides its clients with a helpful SmartLP tool to generate automatic investor reports based on their business processes. The tool allows you to create custom investor-specific PDF reports based on Excel financial data. Additionally, you can distribute documents directly to individual investors’ virtual data rooms and portals.


SmartExchange is a solution that integrates SmartRoom’s VDR, investor portal, and automated reporting tool into one platform. You can customize it using API integration so that it renders specific features of your business and reflects your workflow. 

smartroom’s compliance certificates

Smartroom complies with the following standards and holds associated certificates:

  • CyberEssentials. It’s a UK government digital security authority that ensures maximum security across its certified organizations and businesses.
  • Netragard. It’s a global penetration testing service provider that identifies software and hardware vulnerabilities in organizations. This certificate ensures Smartroom protects data to the highest standard.
  • AICPA: SOC. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants ensures that this service provides high-quality financial services.

smartroom advantages

According to user reviews, the most notable SmartRoom’s advantages are the following:

  • Unlike some other data room platforms, it’s an all-in-one tool for businesses and investors that combines VDR, financial reporting, and investment functionalities.
  • It’s secure. This company applies industry-leading cybersecurity measures to ensure 100% protection of your data and financial transactions. Most importantly, you can adjust multiple security settings to set permissions and ensure full control over documents due to Smartlock technology.
  • It delivers a seamless virtual data room experience. SmartRoom enables full Microsoft Office integration, allowing you to create and edit Microsoft Office files in a data room.
  • It provides reliable customer support you can reach out to via email, phone, and live chat. Besides, the company offers a dedicated project manager to assist you in your business.

smartroom’s customers

SmartRoom leverages the US market – 73% of its traffic comes from the United States. Other countries include India, South Korea, the UK, Saudi Arabia, and Japan. 

This company attracts small, middle-sized, and large businesses with a $20-150 billion market cap. They come from the technology, industry, consumer goods, financial, education, and entertainment sectors. 

SmartRoom clients use this service for:

  • Financial management – M&A deals, traditional and alternative investments, fundraising, restructuring, etc.
  • Business collaboration – secure document sharing, workflow management, and more.
  • Education – universities, colleges, and research institutes use SmartRoom to communicate, conduct research, and share data.

Notable SmartRoom customers in the consumer goods, health and pharma, automotive, fashion, and technology industries include: Nestle, Coca-Cola, Hewlett-Packard, Pfizer, Mitsubishi, Levi’s.


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