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Merrill Datasite
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Merrill Datasite

Year Founded: 1999
Headquarters: Minneapolis, MN

Merrill DataSite Overview

DataSite (Merrill Corporation) is an American virtual data room provider. Year founded: 1999. In 2020, Merrill Corporation announced a rebranding to Datasite LLC. 

DataSite has headquarters in Minneapolis. Its North and South American offices are located in Chicago, Aurora, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Atlanta, Boston, New York, Mexico, Ontario, Bogota, and Sao Paulo. 

DataSite also has offices in London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Paris, Madrid, Milan, Frankfurt, Beijing, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Sydney. The company doesn’t provide a free trial, but you can familiarize yourself with its services by checking resources and demo presentations. The service will suit small, mid-market, and large businesses.

Software Details
Local Centers
Online Help Center
Personal Manager
Live Chat
Live Online
Live Training
Free Trial
14 Days
Free Demo
Global Rating

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Software Advice

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Merrill Datasite pricing: Datasite caters primarily to large companies undergoing M&A, which puts the Merrill Datasite pricing into the premium category. According to user reviews, a Datasite Merrill data room charges per page, so the final bill typically exceeds initial estimates. Contact the Merrill Datasite office in your region to get a customized quote based on your company’s requirements, size, and deal expectations.
Merrill Datasite does not provide pricing and tariff plans for Virtual Data Room software. You can’t find any pricing information about their services on their official site. If you want to get its tariff plans you should contact Merrill’s sales managers and provide necessary information for calculating the costs.

security & hosting
Two-Factor Authentications
Access Expiration
ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified
SOC 1 Certified
GDPR Compliant Certified
HIPAA Compliant Certified
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Data Backup
Multiple Datacenter Locations
Access Limitation by IP
SSAE 16 Certified
Virus Scanning
accessibility & ease of use
No Plugins
Scroll-Through Document Viewer
Web-Based Spreadsheets Viewer
Mobile Device Interface
Search Filter by Name
Search Filter by Content
Optical Character Recognition
Filtering by Parameters
Automatic Numerical Indexing
Archives Upload & Extraction
Document Version Control
Drag & Drop Upload
Desktop Synchronization
Export of Data Room Index to Excel
Multilingual Documents Index
file protection & user management
Granular Document Permissions
View-Only Access
Prevention of Download and Copy
Remote Shredding of Documents
Customizable Document Watermarks
256-Bit SSL/TLS Encryption
Data at Rest Encryption
Granular User Permissions
Permission Groups
Mobile Device Management
Secure Fence View
Document Access Expiry
activity tracking & reporting
Tracking of All User Activity
Real-Time Audit Trail
Graphic Reports
Exporting Reports to Excel
Tracking of Document Viewing Time
Scheduled Reports
collaboration features
Advanced Q&A Module
Secure User Messaging
Files & Folders Notes
Basic Q&A Module
New Document Email Notifications
Branded User Interface
Custom Login Page
Custom User Invitation Letter
Custom Workflows and Features
Custom Domain
Custom Access Agreements
Active Directory Integration
Single Sign-On Integration
Managed Encryption Keys
Integrations Through APIs
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datasite vdr software solutions

DataSite offers a set of powerful VDR-integrated software solutions and extra features to streamline M&A deals.

DataSite data room

The DataSite virtual data room is a secure file repository and a workflow environment for buyers and sellers. It has the following features:

Smart file upload and drag and drop functionality. You can upload multiple files in a few clicks. Drag and drop DOCX, XLSX, PDF documents, and other files to the data room. You can also upload zip files up to 50 GB each. 
The system supports over 200 file formats, reducing your data room preparation time. Additionally, you can use a Project Inbox feature that allows your partners to upload email attachments to your data room directories using custom email addresses.

AI-powered categorization and indexing. The DataSite AI will help you allocate files and build a data room index. There is no need to add file categories manually – all you need to do is confirm suggested ones.

Quick OCR document search. DataSite’s optical character recognition search tool allows you to find necessary folders, files, and specific content pieces within the documents. It supports 16 languages, allowing multinational teams to benefit from the data room.

AI-powered redaction and sensitive data NLP. Datasite streamlines due diligence thanks to the built-in automated redaction tool, allowing you to redact text and images in the data room in real-time. The AI uses natural language processing to identify names, email addresses, and other data sets and save time on due diligence. Plus, you can undo changes in seconds, restoring previous file versions. Besides, DataSite offers redaction insights with color-coded graphs to track due diligence processes within your team. You can track document redaction status in real-time.

Granular user permissions. You can control user permissions to the document level, manage user rights, and assign content roles (admins, moderators, experts, etc.). Send email invitations to unlimited users and add them through single sign-on (SSO).

Full control over user rights and permissions. You can rest assured that confidential documents will remain safe with DataSite security controls that allow you to:

  • Restrict users from accessing individual documents, folders, subfolders, and projects
  • Control user rights regarding files and directories – view, save, delete, rename, edit, etc. 
  • Apply customizable watermarks
  • Manage permission groups
  • Create, assign, and define access permissions for user roles
  • Revoke access to downloaded documents
  • Enable automatic password resets
  • Enable multi-factor authentication

Sophisticated analytics. The data room generates visual analytics reports that categorize engagement by document, folder, and project. You can check user activity, login history, file version history, engagement statistics by date, business direction, etc. The system refreshes data every 15 minutes. Plus, you can schedule reports and export them in multiple formats, including CSV and XLSX.

Integrated Q&A. DataSite’s Q&A management system allows you to categorize Q&A sections, set workflow levels, and assign question coordinators. DataSite offers an intuitive, messenger-like layout for submitting and answering questions, as well as linking documents and sending attachments.

Cross-platform compatibility. You can deploy the data room on all existing operating systems and devices – it’s compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. You can run its web version in your desktop browser and download full-fledged mobile apps for iOS and Android.

DataSite Outreach

DataSite Outreach is a dedicated marketing solution integrated into the DataSite VDR that helps businesses connect and communicate with investors.

This solution allows you to manage deal documents, track buyers, bulk email investors, and analyze your projects’ dynamics.

DataSite Acquire

DataSite Acquire is a dedicated solution for buy-side projects that helps you manage agreements, complete transactions, track due diligence processes, and generate in-depth engagement reports. Plus, you can keep all deal-related findings in one place.

DataSite Experience

DataSite Experience is a help center that connects industry experts with customers who want to grasp M&A processes, fundraising specifics, market opportunities, and more.

User dashboard that defines ease of use. The DataSite suite has a user-friendly interface – a header with central VDR functions, a working space in the center, a self-explanatory menu to the left, etc.

Industry-leading security practices. DataSite applies the latest technology to protect your confidential documents across its virtual data rooms. In particular, it does the following:

  • Applies two-factor authentication encryption using cryptographic hash algorithms
  • Protects data exchange with a TLS 1.2 protocol
  • Encrypts data room files with AES 256-bit encryption
  • Analyzes activity within the data room 24/7
  • Backups data regularly
  • Enables industry-leading security features to its data centers

what is merrill datasite data room best for?

DataSite provides tools for the full deal cycle – from preparation and marketing to successful deal closure. Moreover, DataSite offers a reliable environment for both sell-side and buy-side parties of the M&A process. This flexible software will suit businesses of any size – small and mid-market companies or large multinational enterprises.

While various industries can benefit from DataSite, its solutions lean toward energy, financial, healthcare and life sciences, private equity, and real estate sectors. Banks, law firms, and others use DataSite for M&A deals, post-merger integration, capital raising, restructuring, IPO, deal marketing, etc.

datasite compliance certificates

Merrill DataSite complies with the following standards and certification programs:

  • ISO 27001. It’s an international standard that defines cybersecurity measures and their implementation processes.
  • ISO 27017. This globally-recognized standard defines cloud-specific cybersecurity practices.
  • ISO 27018. This standard determines confidential information safety measures within cloud-based services.
  • SOC 2 Type II. It’s a recognizable standard that applies to businesses that process sensitive information.
  • FedRAMP. This US government standard evaluates and controls security measures within cloud-based services.

main benefits of datasite

Businesses rely on Merrill Datasite due to the industry-leading features:

  • A comprehensive Dealmaker’s Circle resource hub. The company provides its customers with guidelines, events, webinars, and personal DataSite Experience support options about marketing, M&A, and virtual data rooms.
  • An all-in-one platform for managing financial transactions, corporate development, deal preparation, and more. DataSite powerful tools enable a seamless workflow environment for sellers and buyers alike.
  • Reliable support team. DataSite customer support is available via email and online chat in multiple languages. Phone support is available in the United States, EMEA, and APAC.

merrill datasite’s top customers

Around 50% of Merrill DataSite traffic and 75% of its customers come from the United States. Other significant traffic sources include Germany, Netherlands, India, and France. In total, DataSite offers services to companies in over 170 countries. 

Companies with 500-1,000 employees and revenues over $1 billion use the services for several years on average and comprise the most DataSite clients. 

As for specific industries, investment banking, computer software, and legal are the biggest sectors where DataSite customers operate.


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