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Digify Virtual Data Room
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Digify Virtual Data Room

Year Founded: 2011
Headquarters: Sydney, NSW

Digify data room overview

Digify is a digital platform that provides document security and virtual data room services. This platform was founded in 2011 and has two headquarters — in Singapore and San Francisco, California. 

Digify’s founders — Augustine Lim and Chwan Ren Lee — are Singaporean. Digify’s primary mission is to ensure file copy protection, file tracking, and access control. 

Today, the Digify platform serves more than 350,000 customers in 138 countries. The majority of its customers are large businesses, but some small and medium enterprises use Digify as well.

Digify VDR’s highly intuitive interface, file tracking capabilities, fast customer service assistance, and many helpful user management features are well-known and highly praised among its customers.

For those eager to test the software, Digify provides a 7-day trial version. It grants unlimited access to all its products and mobile access to all of its clients. 

Digify pricing is broken into two categories: Business and Enterprise. The Business plan starts at $99 per month. If an enterprise client subscribes to Digify, they provide specific, adjustable terms along with a discount offered pricing structure.

Software Details
Local Centers
Personal Manager
Live Chat
Online Help Center
Live Training
Live Online
Free Trial
7 Days
Free Demo
Global Rating

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Digify data room pricing comes in three different pricing solutions — Pro, Team, and Business plans. The Pro plan is for individual needs, while the Team and Business are for companies and their staff or partners. Their Pro plan offers just three data rooms while the Team and Business packages provide 10 and 25, respectively. All plans come with 100 GB of storage with a starting price of $99 monthly, while offering a varying number of data rooms.
All Digify data room pricing plans include multiple data room functions, starting with three data rooms for the least expensive plan. In addition, every administrator has access to a detailed data room activity log, where user behaviors and insights are found.

security & hosting
Two-Factor Authentications
ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified
SOC 1 Certified
GDPR Compliant Certified
HIPAA Compliant Certified
Data Backup
Access Expiration
Access Limitation by IP
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
SSAE 16 Certified
Virus Scanning
Multiple Datacenter Locations
accessibility & ease of use
Scroll-Through Document Viewer
Web-Based Spreadsheets Viewer
Mobile Device Interface
Search Filter by Name
Search Filter by Content
Automatic Numerical Indexing
Drag & Drop Upload
Desktop Synchronization
Export of Data Room Index to Excel
No Plugins
Optical Character Recognition
Filtering by Parameters
Archives Upload & Extraction
Document Version Control
Multilingual Documents Index
file protection & user management
Prevention of Download and Copy
Customizable Document Watermarks
Document Access Expiry
256-Bit SSL/TLS Encryption
Data at Rest Encryption
Granular User Permissions
Permission Groups
Mobile Device Management
Granular Document Permissions
View-Only Access
Remote Shredding of Documents
Secure Fence View
activity tracking & reporting
Real-Time Audit Trail
Graphic Reports
Exporting Reports to Excel
Tracking of Document Viewing Time
Tracking of All User Activity
Scheduled Reports
collaboration features
Basic Q&A Module
Secure User Messaging
New Document Email Notifications
Files & Folders Notes
Advanced Q&A Module
Branded User Interface
Custom User Invitation Letter
Custom Access Agreements
Managed Encryption Keys
Custom Workflows and Features
Custom Domain
Custom Login Page
Active Directory Integration
Single Sign-On Integration
Integrations Through APIs
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digify software solutions

Digify provides a range of data-cloud document security services. Nowadays, this platform offers:

  • Digital right management (DRM). It helps to set and implement digital rights copyright protection on various types of files — from training materials to ebooks, confidential documents, and other sensitive files.
  • Secure email attachments. Thanks to this, you can send files via Outlook and Gmail without having to use Google Drive. The best part? You have full control over attachments even after being sent.
  • Developer API. It allows the creation of HIPAA-compliant apps that have many built-in file security features. Users can share sensitive documents securely as encrypted links or embed them right into their web app.
  • Digify virtual data room. It provides a secured cloud-based online repository for business and enterprise team members, allowing people to store, exchange, and share documents securely.

Digify data room software is a popular solution from this provider. Among this software’s other valuable features is automated watermarking. It automatically applies a fully customizable watermark on all documents from the recipient’s emails. Also, a screen shield is implemented for every downloaded document, which prevents users from taking screenshots.

digify is best for

The Digify platform can be an excellent solution for sharing files and documents with potential partners and investors. This complex solution can protect any sensitive documents and data from being copied or shared.

It’s a trusted platform for startup fundraising, trade-secret protection, distribution of training materials, VC and PE fundraising, and much more. 

Many companies reported a great user experience, excellent functionality, and significant control over this platform’s use. Digify features bring many opportunities for enterprise clients with the following:

  • Private equity and venture capital investor relations
  • M&A, legal, and real estate due diligence
  • Digital rights management
  • Internal document distribution
  • Financing process analysis
  • Board meetings
  • Virtual deals and contracts

Digify suits healthcare and medical providers, government agencies, training and education organizations, arts and design, as well as legal organizations. Also, it shows excellent performance as a fundraising platform for startups.

digify compliance certificates

As a trusted and well-known VDR provider, Digify has earned and adheres to numerous security certifications. 

Knowing those certificates is essential, as they all bring different capabilities and restrictions to various working processes. Hence, companies save time on decision-making if Digify lacks any of the required certifications. 

Digify has earned certificates for the following:

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013
  • GDPR
  • FIPS 
  • SOC2

digify advantages

  • Digify provides an easy, secure, and intuitive connection to any computer or cloud storage service.
  • Detailed data room statistics are available for all data room owners and admins.
  • Digify offers an expanded set of customization and branding features as compared to other leading providers. Digify allows users to adjust font styles, font sizes, colors, custom banners, etc.
  • Every user can create multiple data rooms, with a minimum of three data rooms included in the least expensive pricing plan.
  • Digify features an automatic system that allows inviting recipients.
  • The product is available on all browsers, operational systems (iOS, Android), and platforms.
  • The Digify VDR has an easy-to-use interface with excellent usability.
  • The platform provides Outlook and Gmail extensions for sending secure emails.
  • Digify can be integrated with Slack, Salesforce, Shopify, and many other apps.
  • All files are encrypted with the AES-256 encryption algorithm.
  • Customer service assistance can be reached in one of four different ways: email, live chat, phone call, or social media, including LinkedIn and Facebook.

digify customers

For now, Digify has more than 350,000 clients in 138 countries. Among them are professionals in arts and design, medicine and healthcare, financial, training, education, legal services, and government sectors. 

Here are a few examples:

  • Government: Malta School of Flying
  • Healthcare and medicine: Omeza, StratifiCare, Nuvo
  • Venture Capital investment: Kinetic
  • Real estate: WeWork
  • Education and training: Allakando, Quincus, RTD Learning 
  • Legal: ThoughtRiver
  • Fintech: Flutterwave, Cocoon Capital

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