Branded Data Room: Why Do You Need VDR Customization

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Branding is the reflection of any company’s reputation and standing. Underestimating the power of image can lead to disappointing repercussions. Today we discuss the importance of a branding strategy when making a Virtual Data Room software selection.

Virtual data room software as your brand’s seamless extension 

Your brand needs to be reflected in everything from office organization and the color of your stationary to your virtual data room software. 

Smart and thorough branding of virtual data rooms helps expand your company’s identity across digital space. A branded data room not only gives you the industry’s smartest user interface and the most powerful tools, it also can be customized with the look and feel of your brand. In turn, such unity creates a sense of trustworthiness and legitimacy.


According to Demand Metric, uniform brand representation triples your company’s visibility.

Reliable virtual data room providers also offer an array of technologically advanced tools and solutions. Essentially, you get a multipurpose data managing instrument that looks as if it was a part of your company all along.

How does electronic data room customization affect potential investors, clients, and partners?

Online data room customization improves the way your company operates and interacts with others on several levels.

  • Brand recognition and visibility

The ultimate purpose of branding is to make your company’s name synonymous with what it does. The logo and color code are essential elements of consistent brand recognition. Integrating them into your virtual data room software means going the extra mile towards building a brand that stands out.


94% of the world’s population recognizes Coca-Cola’s logo.

  • Trust

Comprehensive brand building is what differentiates the company from immature and irresponsible businesses in the same segment. To customers and partners, image consistency translates as attention to detail and respectability. Electronic data room customization lets users know that your intentions are genuine and reinforces their trust.

  • Customer loyalty

Think back to your most recent grocery trip and analyze the way you pick certain products. Most likely, you placed several things in the cart based on their brand alone.

It’s easier to choose the product that satisfied you in the past than considering all the options each time. Consumers spend a lot more on brands they trust by purchasing in bulk or going for higher-priced items and services.


According to Forbes, consistent branding across all platforms increases revenue by up to 23%.

  • Internal value

Corporate branding checks off several boxes when it comes to team-building. For one, employees have a greater sense of value when the brand elements are consistent and present in every aspect of their work process.

According to statistics, the clear brand establishment also reduces hiring and training costs. With global digitalization and a massive shift towards remote employment, it has become more challenging to channel brand values to the team. That’s where electronic data room customization comes in to help your coworkers feel unified even when working from home.

  • M&A integration

Virtual data room software is essential in modern mergers and acquisitions. Gathering the necessary data within an organized digital space offers deal flow clarity to the seller and transparency to the buyer.

In M&A, it is crucial to discover new branding and marketing strategies with the values and views of all parties in mind. And a data room is an incredible tool for seeing the big picture and finding the best solution.


In nearly 40% of mergers companies go with a single legacy brand rather than remaining independent or creating a new brand.

Branded data room advantages

Intelligent branding of virtual data rooms offers great benefits to your clients, partners, and potential investors. In addition, there are several advantages that elevate your experience. Such as:

  • Less training time

Intuitive branded data room setup requires a lot less initiation time than a completely new tool. Plus, your employees are likely to feel more comfortable with the presence of the company’s logo and colors.

  • Enhanced usability

Setting up the virtual data room software with your teammates in mind helps them navigate the deal faster and more effectively. Take advantage of every customization feature in the data room to ensure a very straightforward experience.

  • Faster transaction process

The reduced familiarization time and ease of use eventually result in a lot more streamlined deal flow. The easier it is for your team to use online data room services, the more they will focus on the key elements of the transaction.

  • Increased brand awareness

When third-party specialists or potential partners visit your branded data room, they will immediately form an association with your brand values and operation style. In the long run, this understanding will allow you to deliver your point of view more clearly.

  • Improved investor positioning

Investors always have several options on the table, and it is essential to make a good first impression. Channel your brand into virtual data room software along with other tools and deal elements to stand out and feel confident about your position.

Virtual data room branding features

Below are some of the most useful electronic data room customization features you need to consider and look for:

  • Brand colors and logo on the login screen and the application header
  • The ability to adjust the look and feel of your virtual data room software to match the company’s website
  • Branded invitations to send out to users
  • Custom watermark locations, conditions, and design for increased document security 
  • Customized terms of use and policies for individual users and user groups to accept before they enter your data room
  • A custom URL to further enhance brand presence
  • Branded email functionality with the company’s name as the sender and the logo in the body of the message
  • Built-in translation for visitors and multilingual interface for constant users

Do all virtual data room providers offer customization?

It’s worth mentioning that not all virtual data room providers offer the same range of customization abilities. Some disregard the importance of branding altogether. To choose the right provider, you need to evaluate two factors.

  1. What are your electronic data room customization expectations? Consider your company’s size, the deal specifics, and the amount of time you need the data room for. Based on that, decide on what branding elements you’ll want to include.
  2. What customization features are offered? Match your requirements with the function offering of the virtual data room providers you shortlisted. Make sure to reach out to support if the branding aspects seem unclear.

Get your branded data room just right

Branded virtual data room software is an incredible asset on multiple levels. Extending your brand image into digital tools helps reassure external parties about the company’s good standing and reputation.

To better understand data room branding, ask your provider for a preview of how your data room will look after customization. 

Once you have settled on a provider, add your company logo, adjust the theme colors, and customize the invitation email. Finally, take a step back, explore all the visual aspects of your data room, and make any final touches to ensure it is an accurate reflection of your brand.


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